Introduction of the types and parameters of steel structure bolts

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Introduction of the types and parameters of steel structure bolts
Steel structure bolts are a kind of bolts with very high strength, and steel structural bolts are also called high-strength bolts or high strength bolts. It is a new form of connection developed in the 1950s. The use of steel structure bolt connection pair has the advantages of convenient construction, good force performance, dismantled, fatigue resistance and no loosening under dynamic load. It is a very promising connection method.
Steel bolt is a kind of high strength bolt, and it is also one of the standard parts. The fastening property is better, and it is used for tightening the steel structure and engineering. General steel structure, the required steel structure bolts are more than 8.8, and 10.9, 12.9, all are high strength steel structure bolts, sometimes steel structure bolts do not need electroplating, with the original color of OK.
When the steel structure bolts are installed, the torque wrench should tighten the nut, which makes the steel structure bolts very large and is also the pretension that can be controlled. The same size of friction is produced by the nut and the liner. Under the action of the pretension, there will be a lot of friction along the surface of the connector, which is obviously not slipped as long as the force of the sliding force is less than the friction force. This is the connection principle of the steel structure bolts.
The bolts used for connection of steel structures are called high-strength bolt connections, including screws, gaskets and nuts. The high-strength bolts are divided into torsional shear type and large six angle. The torsional shear is torn by torsion gun, and the big six ends are twisted by torsion wrench. The high-strength bolts used for steel structure connections are tested by third party before they are used.
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